Yesterday, I asked you to guess what this is a picture of and Charlie Kalech got it right. It is what is called a בור בטחון which means a place to dispose of bombs. Here is a picture, again:

At Kever Rachel

This one sits about 10 feet from the grave site of Rachel, more on that over here. In short, it is a very holy site. If you find a bomb, you put it in this box and it should take care of most home made bombs. I was shocked to learn what it was. I personally thought it was a charity box, but I couldn’t find a slot to put money in. So when I asked, I was told it was a place to put a bomb, if you find one. Being American, it just felt to weird to see one of these things. I was then told, they are all over Israel and even at the Kotel (western wall). When I went to the Kotel yesterday, I noticed one, you can see it for yourself in this picture in the center and the far bottom, at the end of the fence, right behind the middle man in the black coat.

Who would think you would need such a box? But when you see the security needed to protect such sites, I guess I should not be shocked. Rachel’s Tomb is surrounded by a fortress to protect it, and those that come to pray there. I took a picture of one of the many look out towers, which encompasses the whole site:

At Kever Rachel

Again, I was in disbelief when I saw all of this. This is normal life here. I cannot fathom it.

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  1. Ron Hekier

    When I lived in Israel for a few years as a teenager I wondered how my American friends would react to growing up with such secruity situations.

  2. Tom Schmitz

    Equally disturbing is that the “fortress” looks made of prefabricated parts, which tells me that they need new ones often.

  3. Mike Wilton

    That is really interesting. Thank you for sharing. The thing most interesting to me is that you would essentially have to pick up and dispose of the bomb yourself. Doesn’t that seem a bit risky? Is it expected of people to pick up the bombs if they find them or is it at one’s own discretion? Just curious how it works…

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