I had the opportunity to meet many SEOs while in Israel this trip. I met with RankAbove, I met with 30+ folks at the Jerusalem Web Professionals group and today I met with some of my favorite Israeli SEOs, Gilad Sasson and Branko Rihtman (aka neyne / SEO Scientist).

Gilad, Branko & Barry in Jerusalem

Gilad came all the way from Tel Aviv, which is a long way relative to Israel. Branko came from the other side of Jerusalem to meet with me. Roi, who runs Tens Technology and who Branko works for, couldn’t make the lunch meeting – cause he just had a new kid. And Mayer from RankAbove I also missed due to having a kid. Mazol Tov Roi and Mayer!

Big thank you to my wife who has put up with me on this trip. She came with me to some of these meetings and almost passed out from boredom several times. Thank you wife!

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  1. Algoholic

    I had a great time,
    I want to thank my wife too, and Branko’s,
    and all the wonderful wives out there, and
    Tel Aviv for not being That far

  2. neyne

    i would also like to thank my parents and all my teachers….

    had a great chat, even though you guys did not want to have ice cream :)))

    hope to see you here again barry, have an easy flight home.

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