As some of you know, I spoke at a small event in Jerusalem. It is a bit funny, cause I saw a few familiar faces – I would mention some names, but I don’t want to call anyone out and forget some people. But I do want to mention one person. I get an email from RustyBrick’s first real employee – Hillel Coren. He tells me he is in Israel now and he saw I was speaking at these events, that he happens to go to. So he asked to meet up 30 minutes before. So we did. It was nice catching up with him – he worked for us for a long time, before moving to Manhattan and finding a new job. But he was a big part of what RB is today, so it was great seeing him.

Outside of Hillel and the people I met, I got some very interesting questions. Want to thank Charlie for organizing the event and Presentense for hosting it. I was able to wing the quiz they gave me on SEO 🙂 and it was a lot of fun. Just never really talked that long, about two hours straight. So I had a thing of ice cream when I got back to the hotel – best ice cream I ever had. In any event, here are pictures of the event from Facebook.

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