Remember I told you that we finished building our wall of Red Bull? Guess what!

Two Red Bull girls stopped by in a Red Bull car to give us free Red Bull! I kid you not!

Here are pictures to prove it…

Red Bull Car:
RedBull Delivers Free RedBull in Car

Delivering Red Bull:
RedBull Delivers Free RedBull in Car

Awesome Red Bull girls with Jimmy:
RedBull Delivers Free RedBull in Car

Our new batch of free RedBull:
RedBull Delivers Free RedBull in Car

Thank you Red Bull! This is just way too funny.

Trust me, this is not the end of RustyBrick and RedBull (RB & RB). Wait until you see what happens when we finish these cans.

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  1. Griffin

    CONGRATS! lol that wall is awesome and that’s a helluva lot of free red bull make sure to enjoy. Red Bull is still my favorite energy drink hands down! //g

  2. Jon Henshaw

    I am soooo jealous right now. Red Bull, if you’re listening, I will do a documentary of you dropping off Red Bull at our office. Call me! 😛

  3. Hannah

    Thats so cool but didnt you hear that they found an adiction drug in red bull!!!!! IT WAS ON THE NEWS THIS MORNING… SO I DONT DRINK RED BULL ANY MORE… BUT ITS AN AWSOME CAR AND I WOULD DO ANYTHING TO GET A CAR LIKE THAT… ALL I HAVE IS AN OLD CONVERTABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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