Apple Removes Thousands Of iPhone App Reviews

A couple days ago, I noticed the number of reviews for the iPhone Siddur dropped from 101 reviews to 79 reviews, over night. I scratched my head and forgot about it. The next day, I saw a comment from my post about anti-semitic comments in iTunes that Apple has removed them because they removed reviews

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: February 27, 2009

Daily Search Coverage: AdWords should be linked to Analytics. Google Twitters. Google News adds sources. Google AdSense goes black. Yahoo Search updates but drops weather reports. Google tries to improve Blog Search. Search in Pictures features a Google ViewMaster. Check out my latest videos, which mentions link cliques. Search Engine Roundtable Topics: AdWords Requiring Analytics

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GPS Off The Mark This Morning: Fog?

This morning it was incredibly foggy. Went I began driving, I noticed the GPS was off. It thought I was maybe 50 feet from where I was. This is unusual for this GPS, because it is built into the car and uses more than just satellite to pin point my location. As I continued to

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Do I Have Over Efficiency Syndrome?

I am mad about being efficient. Mad about it. I was telling someone that I am not sure if I can become more efficient then I am now. Honestly, I am sure there are ways I can be more efficient. But I didn’t say that. I gave her an example of how crazy I am

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: February 26, 2009

Daily Search Coverage: Google has payment issues with AdSense. Yahoo reduced bids. Google opens Ad Planner. Google Blog Search still having trouble. Yahoo Search is updating. SEOs like to code. Google News officially adds ads. Google gets on Twitter. Search ads get depressing in recession. Search Engine Roundtable Topics: Google Tries To Get Organized On

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Poke Me on Facebook Via Yahoo Search

Yahoo announced that you can now poke on Yahoo via the Facebook SearchMonkey. Try it by searching for barry schwartz facebook on Yahoo Search. Up comes this: You can easily Add friend, Poke me, Send message or View friends directly from Yahoo on Facebook.


Suggestion: Google Product Search Should Add Alerts

Here is an idea for Google Product Search. We know you have Google Alerts, so can you this to Google Product Search? For example, I am in research mode for buying a new video camera and I have my eyes on a specific camera and I am watching the price on that camera. So I

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: February 25, 2009

Daily Search Coverage: Google News had an indexing bug that caused a scare. Google Latitude may be reading your emails. Google is testing larger AdSense fonts. Advertisers are excited for Yahoo’s new ad tools. Webmaster Tools still has link reporting bugs. Google Reader wants to support more media types. Google released version 6 of their


Will Apple Reject Our Killer iPhone App? Fluke Music?

Some of you know about our pretty popular iPhone app named Fluke. It basically find random apps and let’s you explore them. It is a fun and useful app to discover new apps, when you have the time. So we decided to release a new app, just like it, but for music. We named it

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Mardi Gras Design – Funky

Guys, get off the feed and take a look at the Search Engine Roundtable today, we have a sweet theme up for Mardi Gras! Here is a picture of it via my iPhone: I did a post at the Search Engine Roundtable on the other search folks doing logos for the day, like Live.com, DogPile,