If you are a web analytics junkie like me and you use Google Analytics for most of your tracking and you have an iPhone (got that). Then you will love this new app from Michael Jensen named Analytics App. I did a 3 minute video demo of the application. This is really worth the $6, if you meet the above criteria. More discussion on the app can be found at Techmeme.

This is a great app for people like me. Thanks Michael!

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  1. Robin

    This app is not working. Everytime i try to login to my Google Analytics account it says Unable to Login – Bad username or password.

    I tried everything the developer’s suggest in their site. IT’S NOT WORKING!

  2. Melvin

    If you want the fastest Analytics app with over 60 reports (more than double Analytics App), the ability to run date comparisons, support for multiple accounts, reports results limit customizable (options to receive 50, 100, 200 or all results – Analytics App ONLY gets top 100), Bar Charts and format of reports identical Google Analytics and much more, then check out this Analytics app http://bit.ly/bfxLXO

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