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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: March 31, 2009

Daily Search Coverage: AdSense ripping off publishers? Google starts VC branch. AdSense adds email preferences. iGoogle themes buggy? Check those log files. Microsoft discontinues Encarta. Search Engine Roundtable Topics: AdSense Publishers Accuse Google of Taking More Per Ad Click Google Ventures To Seed Companies While Others Stopped Google AdSense Adds Email Preferences Details iGoogle Custom


Broken Jet Way After 12 Hour Flight

I am back in America, been back since Sunday morning. But let me tell you about the flight. We took El Al back, and we flew into JFK. The 12 hour flight was pretty good. Well, I sat next to this guy who kept putting his arm rest up, so that he can venture into

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: March 30, 2009

Daily Search Coverage: Google dumped video AdSense ads. Microsoft fires Dewey. AdSense updates start screen. Analytics stores data for 25 months. Yahoo Search updates. Google allows some longer AdWords ads. Google layoffs workers but hires others. Search Engine Roundtable Topics: Google AdSense Dumps Video Ads, Saw It Coming Microsoft Drops Ms. Dewey Google AdSense Updates


Review: Hotel Cinema in Tel Aviv

The past week or so, I was put up in the Cinema Hotel in Tel Aviv, Israel. I honestly was looking forward to the hotel, simply because I heard many good reviews. In fact, people were very positive about it and shared great stories. I, on the other hand, felt the hotel was not at

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Blogging Israel: SEM Meet Up in Tel Aviv

Today I went to a smallish (less than 20 people) SEM meet up we pulled together in two day notice, which Compucall hosted. I wrote up details about the event with What Israeli SEMs Want at Search Engine Land. And Olivier wrote up his notes from the event at the Compucall blog named Barry Schwartz


Blogging Israel: Technion in Haifa & Druze Village Visit

Yesterday, some of us went up north. We first went to visit the MIT of Israel named the Technion. In that trip, we met with Dr. Alon Wolf from the Biorobotics and Biomechanics lab. Dr Wolf built many things, including robotic snakes. The snake can be used in many cases, including war and also for

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How Cars Get Towed In Israel

In America, for a car to get towed, they need to bring a tow truck, then spend 20 minutes hooking up the car and then tow the car away. It is a big process and you rarely see it. In Israel, it is common and done incredibly efficiently. In short, they have this special truck


Blogging Israel: From Nanos To Garbage Dumps To Parks

Today was an interesting day, to say the least. We went to two places today. First the Weizmann Institute, a university designed for only those who have degrees beyond under-grad in the areas of Biology, Chemistry, etc. Second we went to the Hiriya Garbage Dump Recycling Plant, which is being turned into a big park.


Blogging Israel: Boring Summary Video

In continuation of my Blogger Delegation trip to Israel, I had some time this morning, after scheduling a few blog posts this morning at the search blog. So I used the Quick Capture feature on YouTube to make a boring video summary of what we did and where we will be going. Hope it doesn’t


Blogging Israel: Jerusalem’s Old City

Today is Jerusalem day and we first went to the old city. We drove up to Hebrew University to get a nice view of the old city. Then we went to David’s Tomb, some of us were not able to go in. Specifically, Jewish people who are Kohanim are not allowed to go to grave