Loren Feldman at KotelToday is Jerusalem day and we first went to the old city. We drove up to Hebrew University to get a nice view of the old city. Then we went to David’s Tomb, some of us were not able to go in. Specifically, Jewish people who are Kohanim are not allowed to go to grave sites. I am not a kohen, but just wanted to inform you about that little fact.

After that, we walked to the Cardo, which is inside the old city. I lived in that area for several months before College, as a year of study abroad. We walked through the old city, making our way through the “rova” and onto the kotel (Western Wall). The above picture is a picture of Loren Feldman (I link to his Wikipedia entry as a joke here) at the wall, I believe his first time there. Today was Monday and Mondays and Thursdays there are many Bar Mitzvahs at the wall, so we all took some video of that in action (to be posted later).

We then went through the Christian quarter shops, and they took us to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. I did not go into the Church, but some did. In any event, after the Church we walked to Jaffa Gate to meet our driver.

From there we went to eat lunch and now I am at Yad Vashem, one of the most famous holocaust museums. Since I have been here a few times and blogged about it already, I decided to catch up on some work and write a blog post about today.

Like I said, I am taking videos and will likely post a single video when I get back home.

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  1. Rena

    I know that you miss not being at SES, but you got to admit that blogging in the Old City is way cool. Have a great time!

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