Share photos on twitter with TwitpicAs many of you know, this week, I am in Israel, on an invited Blogger Delegation to Israel with other New York bloggers. We took a midnight flight out Saturday night, and arrived 10:30ish AM (EST), which is about 4:30pm here in Israel. The 10+ hour flight was a bit cramped but El Al gave us access to their lounge and the flight was as expected.

I was the only blogger to take my whole week in a carry on and a laptop bag. Sometimes I can really impress myself with my packing skills. 😉 But the other blogger’s luggage came out fairly quickly and we existed the baggage claim to look for our driver. We couldn’t spot him too quickly, so Loren and his wife, Michelle grabbed a cab, while we did more investigation work. He was actually standing waiting for us, but we missed him. A picture of our driver is the photo I selected for this post.

Then Tamar, Brian, Ely Jeanine, not David (cause he comes in tomorrow) got on the mini bus and went to the hotel. The hotel is named Hotel Cinema, it is kind of an artsy place with a lot of “cinema” artifacts around (old movie cameras). The hotel is fine, I am just not the artsy type – so I don’t appreciate it when I see it.

After a much needed shower and change of clothes, we all went outside to go to a place to eat by the peer. There, we met Orli, a well-known social media woman from Israel. She was extremely nice and it was nice meeting her and learning about what she does. The dinner was mostly breads, pastas, fish, etc, plus the desserts were good. The view was also nice and I am sure some of the other bloggers will post some pictures.

Then we got back to the hotel at 9:45 local time and I came up here to do this quick post. Might not look quick, but I can barely keep my eyes open and I type really fast. So it was quick.

Tomorrow is devoted to Jerusalem and I have a feeling it should be an enjoyable day. I know Jerusalem fairly well, specifically the old and new city, so maybe I will learn something new from our tour guide.

Stay tuned for my week of “Blogging Israel.” I am still sad I am missing SES NY but I have a feeling it will be worth missing the conference.

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  1. Leon Schwartz

    We missed you today on your Birthday.
    But it’s worth it to have you blogging in Israel.
    Happy Birthday….your DAD.

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