Today I went to a smallish (less than 20 people) SEM meet up we pulled together in two day notice, which Compucall hosted. I wrote up details about the event with What Israeli SEMs Want at Search Engine Land. And Olivier wrote up his notes from the event at the Compucall blog named Barry Schwartz from RustyBrick visits Compucall.

This time, Gilad didn’t have to travel to Jerusalem to meet me. Branko was unable to make it, but I did meet him a couple months ago, so hopefully he won’t miss me too much.

Here are some pictures (I have more but didn’t upload mine):

Barry Schwartz, Ophir Cohen & Olivier Amar at SEM Meetup Tel Aviv, Israel
Barry Schwartz (me), Ophir Cohen (middle) & Olivier Amar (right)

Gilad Sasson, Mayer Reich & Barry Schwartz at SEM Meetup Tel Aviv, Israel
Gilad Sasson (left), Mayer Reich (middle), Me

Itai Levitan at SEM Meetup Tel Aviv, Israel
Itai Levitan

Tel Aviv SEO Meetup Tel Aviv SEO Meetup

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  1. Rudy Dallal

    I just moved from Baltimore to Tel Aviv. I did SEO in Baltimore and New York. In Baltimore I attended an SEO group that include individuals that are Baltimore local and are doing SEO or SEM. I wonder if there’s such meetings going on in Tel Aviv.

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