Yesterday, some of us went up north. We first went to visit the MIT of Israel named the Technion. In that trip, we met with Dr. Alon Wolf from the Biorobotics and Biomechanics lab. Dr Wolf built many things, including robotic snakes. The snake can be used in many cases, including war and also for medical purposes. I found a video that shows the large robot snake in action:

Pretty cool. They are also active in building what is called “An Adaptive Virtual Biofeedback System for Rehabilitation.” It is truly amazing stuff, and you can see videos and read about this over here.

Then we met with two different professors in the field of waste management. One specialized in using bacteria as a way to remove bad elements from water. His techniques are being used to save millions of dollars in Israel and other parts of the world. I also met with one that used more of a chemical approach to cleaning water. That professor used high voltage and sound waves to do it and it is pretty big in Vegas, I am told. Honestly, those two meetings were way above my head and I am not a big bio, plant, water person.

We then met with Professor Yoram Baram who has a patent on Closed-Loop Augmented Reality Apparatus. Let me explain. Certain disorders, such as Cerebral Palsy cause people to not be able to walk normally. He built a device (glasses and ear phones) that gives these patient cues (diamond boxes) to aid them in walking. It is actually pretty cool, because you see the incredible improvement, immediately, as the person puts on this device. There are videos and more documents on how this works over here.

Professor Yoram Baram

The Technion is a pretty incredible place.

After the Technion, we went to a Druze village in the Carmel. According to Wikipedia, they are a religious community found primarily in Syria, Lebanon, Israel, and Jordan, whose traditional religion is said to have begun as an offshoot of Islam. I have never been in a Druze village before and it was fairly interesting. The family we visited was incredibly hospitable. As we sat there and talked to our guide, his family walked in, began serving us fruits, drinks and their strong coffee. In addition, his wife, daughter and son came in – as did his sister-in-law, I believe. The Druze in Israel, typically serve in the Israeli army – the guy we met was an officer in the army. It was interesting to see their way of life.

Then we came back, and I saw a car get towed in Israel, which I found interesting as well.

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