Jet WayI am back in America, been back since Sunday morning. But let me tell you about the flight. We took El Al back, and we flew into JFK. The 12 hour flight was pretty good. Well, I sat next to this guy who kept putting his arm rest up, so that he can venture into my seat area. I am not a small guy, but the guy next to me, made me look small. In any event, we got very close on the trip. 🙂

So when we landed in JFK, about an hour late, the first thing I wanted to do was get up and get off the plane. But we sat/stood there for 45 minutes waiting for JFK’s people to get the jet way to attach to the plane. After 45 minutes of trying and failing, they decided to move us to a new gate. We all had to sit back down, stow our luggage and faster our seat belts. Then they towed us back and then into a new gate. Thankfully, the jet way worked fine on that gate, and we exited the plane in an orderly fashion.

This is the second time, in the past few months, that the jetway had issues. The first time, it took them 10 minutes to get it working. It finally worked. But this time, 45 minutes later, they gave up.

Anyway, it is good to be back in New York – I am feel under the weather right now, I hope this passes soon.

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