My wife called me when I was at a meeting to let me know I received a package from El Al. We are flying El Al for the Blogger delegation to Israel, El Al is Israel’s main airline. Since I am a nice husband, I gave her my permission to open the package (eagerly awaits nasty comment from wife). I am now home, need to run out in a second, but here are some pictures…

It came in an El Al tote bag:

El Al Airline Schwag

Open the tote and tons of schwag came out:

El Al Airline Schwag

El Al Schwag included:
– El Al tote bag
– El Al blowup neck pillow
– El Al small case holder
– Cute El Al stuffed animal plane
– El Al deck of cards
– El Al paper clip
– El Al flash light key chain
– El Al note pad
– El Al bag tag
– El Al pen/highlighter
– El Al money clip

It also came with a nice letter from the El Al office. It shared our seat numbers, so we can say hi to the other bloggers. FYI, it turns out there are more bloggers than I thought, two more. It also said that they gave us access to the lounges at both airports. I am so happy about that, it means I can use my laptop and be almost guaranteed a power plug.

The trip is off to a very good start.

Thank you Israel and El Al!

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  1. ELAL

    very cool and safe trip
    and wow free trip to israel and now free fun stuff WOW what a lucky guy you are

    and the wife u are WAY to nice to her to let her open it
    I dont think i would
    HOPE that earned u MAJOR brownie points from that wife of yours

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