The other day it was almost 70 degrees here in New York (Rockland County) and now, this morning, on the first day of spring, it is snowing.

Here is a picture from my iPhone as I wait at the light to get to work:

Snow on First Day of Spring

It doesn’t appear to be sticking to the streets, but you see a nice layer on the grass, trees and cars.

It should warm up and stop snowing and the sun should clear all this up by the afternoon.

If you are into the first day of spring, see the theme at the Search Engine Roundtable plus first day of spring logos at the Search Engine Roundtable. Some pretty clever and artistic stuff, including some really nice design from the RustyBrick designer on our theme.

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  1. Robert

    Weird… then again, it’s just become autumn here and it’s like it’s the middle of winter. Global warming? Nah… it’s freezing over! 😛

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