SecurityLast night I went to the Israel Consulate in New York City to meet with the planners of the Blogger Delegation to Israel.

When I arrived in the building, the guy in the front lobby asked who I am here to see. I said the Israeli Consulate. He then told me, I should talk to a different guy who is standing at the end of the hall. So I did. I felt like I was going through El Al security. He asked me why am I here, can I see your ID, do I have a gun, did I pack my bag, who am I here to see, etc. He then let me go upstairs.

Then I go upstairs in the elevator and I come out and see a bench on the left and a mirror like window on the right. I look around a few times and see doors on both sides of the glass mirror, so I walk up to the mirror and wait. I then here a “hello.” So I slide my ID under the glass mirror and the guy then asks me more questions. I get the gun question again. He keeps my ID.

Then a security guard comes out and I am asked to go through airline security. They take my laptop bag, keys, coins, phone, etc. I go through a metal detector and then he goes through my bag. He turns on my phone, my camera and I turn on my laptop. He then says, he has to keep my phone and computer and bag with him.

I am now a blogger without an iPhone or computer or camera! I felt naked and very unstable. But one thing you learn from being in Israel, you don’t argue with Israel security. So I smiled and said okay.

I was without my iPhone and computer for about an hour, for the meeting. I guess that was good, because would I be focusing on the meeting if I had my iPhone? 😉

The meeting at the Israeli Consulate was pretty cool. Not sure if they wanted me to blog about it, but that is what I do. The people we met, were nice. I am not sure if I should name anyone, so I won’t. But they are incredibly friendly, hospitable and patient. I am looking forward to this trip. Big thanks to the Israel Consulate of New York!

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  1. megan mills

    When they “Seized” your stuff you make it sound like they didn’t return them to you. It’s OK, got my attention and I read your interesting blog….

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