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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: March 17, 2009

Daily Search Coverage: Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Google AdWords protects MySQL. Yahoo adds features to search ads but no one cares. Google adds ad manager consultants. Australians can be fined for linking. Google’s sitemap capacity is 500. Twitter adds ads? Search Engine Roundtable Topics: 2009 St. Patrick’s Day Search Logos Google Adds MySQL To Trademark

SEO Tips

Twitter Kills Tips @UserName Command?

Update: This is simply not a supported command, see here for more info. I was trying to send a Twitter update in the format of Tips @Username but it wasn’t going through. So I went to the old fashion Twitter web site and I tried it there. Twitter returned a response for two seconds and


Sony’s ACC-FH70 Video Camera Bag – Bit Too Big

The battery that comes with the Sony HDR-XR200V is the NP-FH60, which lasts 100 minutes or so. In the material sent by Sony with the video camera was “recommended accessories.” There was a ACC-FH70 Accessory Value Kit that came with a case and a NP-FH70 battery. The battery lasts 165 minutes, so between the two,


iPhone’s First Jewish Radio Program

Our next app is named the iPhone Jewish Radio. It basically streams a dozen or so free Internet radio shows in the Jewish music niche. I have more details over at rustybrick.com/iphone/jewish-radio and you can sign up to be notified of the new app when it is available over here. Here is a video demo

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: March 16, 2009

Daily Search Coverage: Google tests favorite icons in ads. Google’s scam tree is out of hand. Should SEO’s specialize in industries? Google finally talks about AJAX test. Get links from professors. Google finds a site is better than a page? Picasa sports ads. Search Engine Roundtable Topics: Google Aggressively Testing Favicons In AdWords Ads Scam:


Apple Approves Fluke Music! Get it While It’s Hot

After well over a month in the Apple review process, Apple has approved Fluke Music. I thought it would not be approved, but I was wrong. Here is a video from a while back on how it works: You can download it now, for free over here. I hope you like it and tell your

Motor Vehicle

Witnessed Kind Of A Big Local Car Crash

I was in the local pizza shop at the corner of Route 59 and College Road. The car was making a left turn, while another car was driving straight down the street. I guess they did not see each other and they hit hard. I think everyone was mostly okay. However, the cars fronts were

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: March 13, 2009

Daily Search Coverage: You can opt your site out of Google’s interest categories. Nofollow with a space is treated differently. Goodbye adCenter analytics. China blocks Google Docs. Advertisers upset with ads from Yahoo Shopping. Google tests favorite icons on ads. Google explains the canonical tag. Microsoft previews Kumo home page. My video in HD is


First Video From Sony HDR Camera

Here is the first video I made (less than two minutes) using my new Sony HDR-XR200V. The exported version from iMovie is over here, this is a downsized version of the highest quality. Here is the Flickr Embed: Here is the YouTube Embed:


Unboxing The Sony HDR-XR200V

Heck, I did it for the iPhone 3G, the original iPhone, my new MacBook Pro and my old MacBook Pro, so why not do an unboxing of the Sony HDR-XR200V, which I just got today. I ordered it on Friday, after a month of decision making and being worried about the delivery, it did arrive,