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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: March 12, 2009

Daily Search Coverage: Google’s behavioral ads worry AdSense publishers. AdWords API Sandbox goes down. Google Reader adds comments to shared items. Violations of extreme measure are not really violations. Google Maps helps find stolen items? Search Engines should pass value on URL shortened URLs. Google explains how ads cost and rank. Google improves Google Images


iTunes iPhone Reviews Updated: Version Specific Reviews

This morning, I checked my iPhone to see the reviews for my products and I noticed they said, “no reviews” for virtually all of them. Here is a screen capture: Figured a bug in the system. Then I remember iTunes upgraded last night. So I checked the iTunes Store and I noticed Apple now breaks


UPS & Delivery Worries

I would be surprised if you never felt this way about a package. Today, I am expecting to receive the Sony HDR-XR200V but I checked the UPS status and it is made out to be delivered to the wrong suite #. I am upset, because I made it clear to the sales person, make sure

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: March 11, 2009

Daily Search Coverage: AdSense wants you to add news widgets to your site. Google sends traffic spikes? Google sends horny guys to office building. Google Analytics should include image referral data. SEMs weathering the recession. Yahoo beats Google in Japan. Google does behavioral targeted ads. Matt Cutts on redirected links and nofollows. Create your own


Caved: Purchased the Sony HDR-XR200V

I caved and I purchased the Sony HDR-XR200V on Friday. I did not receive this camera yet, but I have been struggling with the video camera purchase decision for just about a month. I decided I would wait for the model I was eying, namely the HDR-SR12 to be discontinued. I heard Sony was releasing

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: March 10, 2009

Daily Search Coverage: Ground Zero Google label upsets some New Yorkers. Google pushes off Blog Search update. AdSense contextual bug costs publishers big money. Utah law bugs many search advertisers. Most SEO companies won’t want a piece of your pie. Former Yahoo engineer is allegedly involved in a terrorist organization. Wolfram Alpha tries to push


Verizon Keeps Over Charging Me!

Remember my Verizon Phone Saga? Probably not. In short, they conned me into switching to them for my landline service in my office and then after three calls, they promised to keep me at the same rate I was paying my other provider. After they made that promise, I received a bill for almost 4


Happy Purim!

Today is תענית אסתר, the fast of Esther, so I won’t be eating until after 8pm sometime. Basically, the fast is over at about 7:40ish tonight, but right after the fast is over, we say Megillas Esther for about 45 minutes in synagogue. Yes, I will be using my iPhone Megillah tonight. In any event.

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: March 9, 2009

Daily Search Coverage: Google shares your documents with others. URL case makes a difference. AdSense stats still frozen for some. Google’s keyword tool is funky. Google ignoring AdSense font selection. Google allows you to search for pictures of a specific size. Search Engine Roundtable Topics: URL Case in SEO Matters Google Docs Security Breach Should