Always Connected to Internet While in Israel

When I went to Israel a couple months ago, I was ecstatic to to have an international data plan for my iPhone. It really let me enjoy my time in Israel, knowing that I can be connected all the time, where ever I went. But it is not enough to be connected to the Internet


Oh Nuts! Thanks For the Purim Basket

Purim is Monday night and it is customary to give gift baskets to friends on Purim day. Oh Nuts sent me a Ocean Mist Purim Basket, which I received today. Here is a picture: Oh Nuts traditionally gives me stuff during the Jewish holidays. I really think it is incredibly kind of them. I don’t

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: March 6, 2009

Daily Search Coverage: Google UK tests classic Sitelinks. Close businesses down in Google Maps. Google Malware doesn’t look at the cache. Beat Google in court. Are you weathering the recession? Twitter pushes search to some. Search in Pictures features Yahoo’s 14th birthday. Check out my detailed video recap, would love your feedback. Search Engine Roundtable


Passover Coming, Get Your Free Sefirat Ha’Omer App

Passover is now just around the corner and in preparation for that, we have built a free Sefirat Ha’Omer iPhone application to help you Jews count the omer between Pesach and Shavout. It is a fairly simple application. You open it, it shows you the blessing, the day to say and the ending brachot, with

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: March 5, 2009

Daily Search Coverage: Google updates AdSense login page. SEO’s and pay for performance. Google names update, “Vince” change. Evil search spam, be gone! Google expands ads into your face. Are you noticing less searches? Inquisitor makes it to the iPhone. Utah lawyers hate search ads. Search Engine Roundtable Topics: Google AdSense Updates Home Page While


Ordered a Matzah Kippah For Pesach (Passover)

This year, my wife and I (but mostly my wife) is hosting the Sedar (Passover Meal) at our house. That means we will be having over twenty people (family) at home for dinner the first night and having about eight people (family) sleep over at our home for three nights. Yea a lot of work…

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: March 4, 2009

Daily Search Coverage: SEMPO elected new officials. We got your Google report ready. Kumo is Microsoft’s new search brand? Google AdSense adds Euros to reports. Google SMS Search dies again. Publisher AdSense login stopped working. SEOs still fear the supplemental index. Search Engine Roundtable Topics: Google Search March 2009 Webmaster Report Update Reaction: Microsoft Testing


Invited To Join The Bloggers Delegation to Israel

Yesterday, I received an email from the Israeli Consulate in New York inviting me to join a team of bloggers going to Israel, they call it a Blogger delegation to Israel. Basically, they want several bloggers to go, experience Israel and write about it. How cool! Back in May of last year, I heard from

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: March 3, 2009

Daily Search Coverage: Craigslist does nofollow. Push Gmail coming to iPhone? AdWords titles getting lengthly. Save them AdWords. Google emails notifications to webmasters. Shortening URL services pass link value? Twitter and Google Maps helps some skiers find themselves. Paid search growth declines, while SEO grows. Happy Square Root day! Search Engine Roundtable Topics: Craiglist Adds

Motor Vehicle

My Driver’s License Photo : 18 Years Old

About two weeks ago, I renewed my driver’s license online. Last night, I got my new NYS driver’s license. It had the same picture of my previous license, which was from about ten years ago, when I was 18 or 19 years of age. I guess they think we all look the same from 18