Over Passover, I parked my park at the Synagogue and it sat there, under a tree for three days. The result? The back half of my car is covered in bird poop. Time for a car wash…

I was too lazy to take a picture, so I went to Flickr and searched for cars with bird poop on them. There were tons of pictures, so I thought I share my favorite shots of cars nailed by bird poop.

I wouldn’t stand there if I were you:

Bird’s eye view:

Bird diarrhea?


Goes well with the Honda logo:

Can birds vomit?

Bird pellets:

The classic station wagon:

Bird poop and a parking ticket?

Bird looking for revenge:

What in the world did this bird have for dinner?

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  1. No Name

    Look what happens when you forget to fill the bird feeder Next time they,ll reinact a certian hitchcock movie

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