Water PressureThe one thing I miss about my previous home, the Monsey condo, is the water pressure. My new home, which I have been at for over 18 months now, has horrible water pressure.

I tried changing the shower head in my bathroom, but that really didn’t do much.

The bottom line is that the water pressure is a trickle compared to what it is/was in my condo.

Is there anything I can do? I suspect no but there could be.

I read some sources online that says there are ways to adjust this. But when I had my home inspection, the guy told me that the water pressure is low, but it wasn’t horrible. I didn’t ask if there was a way to improve it, I assumed if there was, he would have told me about it.

Some of the tips I read online on improving water pressure in a home include:

  • Adjust the pressure regulator near the main water shut off
  • Old pipes may be corroded (I don’t have old pipes)
  • Might be a water company issue
  • Call a plumber

Maybe one day, I’ll just call a plumber and ask a professional about it.

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  1. Todd Mintz

    Water pipes have pressure valves. I had this problem and the plumber adjusted them which solved the problem…though too much pressure could lead to a burst pipe.

    Of course with a condo, that’s an issue that you have to bring up with your association…I believe they control the pipes under your place, not you…which also means that they might end up footing the bill for the fix :.)

  2. Jeff Greenwood

    I work for a major water utility and get sent out on pressure complaints on a pretty regular basis. One thing that will eliminate any question is to have your water supplier come out and pull the meter out. They can flow the water through the meter and determine what flow you are getting from the utility. There shouldn’t be a charge. It is possible you have a property side regulator but not everyone does, most don’t.
    A closed valve at the point where water comes into the house is a common problem and the most common problem I run into is corrosion in old galvanized plumbing. Plugged aerators in kitchen and bathroom sinks are a common problem. You can determine your flow best by checking a bathtub faucet (no aerators)
    Oh, and also make sure the curb cock (valve at the meter) is turned all the way on. You’ll need a special tool…Home Depot has them and if you call your water supplier, they will check that for you too. Good luck


  3. Steve

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