Google iPhone SearchA Compete report mentioned by the NY Times blog says that 73 percent of iPhone owners used their mobile devices primarily for personal reasons, such as entertainment. I find that incredibly high, but what do I know.

Personally, I would say I use my iPhone for 90% work. I am constantly checking email when using my iPhone. I am constantly reviewing Google Reader, adding topics to RustyBudget to blog about later. I frequently use my phone for calls with clients. Okay, so I check stocks, weather and on occasion use TwitterFon.

I have downloaded many games, but I rarely ever use them. I rarely even use the iPod, except when flying when I download movies. I rarely ever watch movies, so when I do watch them, it tends to be on planes on my iPhone.

I do use my iPhone to pray three times per day on. I use the iPhone Siddur for weekday prayers every day, except on Shabbos (Saturday). So outside of the Email, Safari, Phone and Siddur, I don’t use many other apps on the iPhone.

Again, 90% of my usage would be classified as work related.

TechCrunch gives more insight into the study saying:

The Compete survey reportedly found that 73% of iPhone owners used their mobile devices primarily for personal reasons, but what isn’t detailed is how much time in total they are using their phones – which I imagine is a whole lot more than on other smartphones – and how much more efficient it makes them when they actually do use it for work.

How one classifies work usage in the study can be a big difference.

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  1. Adam

    I wonder if those that answered the survey are lumping together their work and person tasks. I am in the middle of a book called Elsewhere USA, where the author Dalton Conley points out that work never really ends in the era of the iPhone, since it’s with you all the time. So if you’re playing a game, but answering an email here and there, would you mark it down as personal or work related time spent?

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