Clearly, I was not the only one to receive these chocolate grass hoppers from today. I was not able to eat them, because grasshoppers are not kosher, but the RustyBrickers wanted to try them out.

Here is a video of them chowing down on the grasshoppers:

Here are pictures of the grasshopper with the chocolate cracked off:

Eating Chocolate Grasshoppers Eating Chocolate Grasshoppers

A still image – just before eating them:

Eating Chocolate Grasshoppers

Packaging on the bottom left…

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  1. israelbro

    Most grasshoppers are indeed not kosher. However, there is a species of kosher grasshopper that most Jews do not eat because they have lost the tradition as to which they are. Certain Yeminite jews still do eat the ‘Chagav’.

  2. Ruud Hein

    Nah, I received it too but [shakes head] no way I’m eating those. In fact, it’ll be a while before I don’t associate chocolate with this stuff πŸ˜€

  3. Carri Bugbee

    I googled “chocolate grasshoppers” after I received a package via FedEx and just came across your post. Eeeewww! I’m so glad I haven’t opened my package. And now I don’t intend to! Let me know if you experienced any gastrointestinal distress. πŸ™‚


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