SpamIf anyone has emailed me, they know I reply very quickly. It has to do with my email OCD issues.

So when I get spam emails in my inbox, I am not a happy camper. But that is exactly what I have been seeing a lot of since this Friday. Spam spam spam, in my inbox. Yea, I use the same spam filter most of you use, Google App’s Gmail spam filtering. Don’t get me wrong, it still blocks a ton of spam. But since Friday, a week ago, I have been getting many many more spam emails then I ever have received before.

My email address is really old, from 1998. So it gets spam. But Google has been very good about blocking the spam out.

So why all of a sudden am I getting tons of spam in my inbox?

I think I know why. I decided to use the “opt out” links on some (not all) mass emails. Maybe, since I used that link, they found out I look at my emails and didn’t unsubscribe me, but rather added me to more lists. I really think it has to do with that.

I asked others on the same domain as me and other Gmail users, and they did not notice any change in spam levels.

Possible issues:
(1) Bug with Google on my specific account
(2) Getting more spam in general, thus more come through (opt out thing)
(3) Everyone is getting more spam in their inbox

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