Okay, so I ordered my Google Profile business cards and the only issue is that they don’t work. Here is a picture of the card:

Google Profile Business Cards from iPrint.com

Technically, you are now suppose to enter into Google the name Barry Schwartz and then see my Google Profile in the search results. But when I search for that, I don’t see a Google Profile, I see search results! Why would I give this card to people if it doesn’t work?

Here is a screen capture of the search results. For more screen captures of me unboxing my Google Profile Business Cards, see Flickr.

I actually ordered two, I got two profiles one at google.com/profiles/cartoonbarry and the other at google.com/profiles/barry.schwartz.

Google Profile Business Cards from iPrint.com

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  1. Bill Hartzer

    Barry, in that screen capture you’re logged into the Google Account. Perhaps you need to log out?

    Looks like something that Google thought was going to work “for most people”. Not sure why it doesn’t work for your name, it certainly is working for my name.

  2. Bill Hartzer

    Barry, maybe it’s because your name is common, there is more than one person out there with your name?

    Actually, I just tested “tim smith” and I’m seeing several people with that name.

    I’m just not seeing a profile show up for a web search for “Barry Schwartz”.

  3. Joe Kraus

    Hey Barry. My name is Joe Kraus and I’m the PM Director for Google Profiles. We’re looking into it. There’s a possibility your name is getting caught in our celebrity filters but we’ll know more soon. Sorry for the hassle.

  4. No Name

    There has been a lot of buzz on the internet about the Google business cards. Shame your profile doesn’t come up when you search that would be cool.

  5. No Name

    This is so funny i was going to make myself a biz card just like that as my name is the first result thought it would be cool…now google is giving it away

  6. Udi Drezner

    If you want to guarantee your presence on Google’ first page, you can always buy sponsored ads that show up whenever your name is searched and refer to your website. That way you can give some more money to Google – I’m sure they need it 🙂

  7. Paola Roblesgil

    Hi, the same thing happens to me and my name is not common at all. Actually searching on Google almost all the results from my pages. Weird my profile doesn’t appear in the search. Joe, can you look at this? my profile is roblesgil.paola. Thanks.

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