Rabbi Melech MichealsObservant Jewish men put on what is called Tefillin during weekday morning prayer services. I blogged about this when my oldest nephew put them on for the first time – proud moment.

I recently learned that my Tefillin, which I received when I became Bar Mitzvah were not all that great. They were probably “kosher” but they were not much beyond being kosher or what you would consider a quality set of Tefillin. So, I ordered a new pair of Tefillin from a Sofer (Jewish scribe) that turns out to be a blogger also.

I didn’t find out the sofer blogs until after I picked up my new set. He told me he has a web site but it stinks compared to his blog. His web site is at MezuzaDepot.com but his blog is at MezuzaDepot.com/Blog.

Tefillin are kind of like diamonds, you need to be able to trust the person who sells them to you. He explained that he can’t compete with stores selling Tefillin for $200. He sells higher quality Tefillin (more care goes into making them) then the cheap sellers. The way he shows people who find his web site that he is honest, experienced and trustworthy, is through his blog. I found it funny that someone in the Jewish scribe business understood this. He understands social media and all that blogging stuff, even though he is in the religious business. 🙂

Anyway, if your in need of quality Jewish products like Tefillin, Mezuzahs, Torahs and so on – this guy is the real deal!

Just too funny… How fitting is it that I bought this from a blogger?

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  1. Rena

    Hey Barry – next time you make it to Israel, you should go to the factory store in Beit El. The tour goes through the whole process. Here’s the link for the shop: http://www.tefillin.co.il/ click on “Production” at the top to get the online tour.

  2. Rabbi Askotzky

    For an excellent tefillin (and Torah, mezuzah and megillah) site check out http://www.stam.net. There are lots of educational info and articles and an ask an ask the sofer page where you can submit your questions related to the scribal arts. Personally I just came across Rabbi Michaels’ blog and I was hoping to send it a few comments but it didn’t work for me.

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