Baby Girl!!! More later…

Me with my baby:

My Baby

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  1. Wiep

    Awesome, congrats!!!

    I guess that’s a good reason to take some time off from tracking search news, and to focus on changing diapers and pampering your wife in stead 🙂

  2. Steven Lockey

    Congratz! 🙂

    I guess your little girl has the same B-day as me now then unless she was born yesterday!

    Best of luck to you, your wife and your new little one.

  3. Stefan Woelfel

    Congratulations! I know, my little baby girl was born beginning of March. Such sweet breach of peace during the nights the last ten weeks 🙂 Take care of your family and carpe diem.

  4. Craig Parker

    Congratulations dude, you will have to update us with the name as soon as you have chosen!
    Are you feeling all mega proud now?

  5. Simcha Marchand

    Mazal Tov to you and your wife.
    More time to tweet in the middle of the night now.


    MAZEL TOV we are so excited for you guys
    we cant wait to meet the little girl

    Chana and Andrew and Refael

  7. Lorna Harris

    Wonderful news!

    Congratulations to you all. Make sure you get her own blog set up soon 🙂

  8. Lewis

    Grats Barry! Little girls are just the best! (I have 2 and, so far, so good… come age 11-18, though, they belong to their mom.)

  9. Rob Woods

    Congratulations! I have 2 girls, 3 y.o and 8 months. Your life will never be the same. Learn to love playing with dolls and being inundated by pink laundry 🙂

  10. Shimon Sandler

    May you have much nachas from your daughter, and be זוכה להכניסו לתורה לחופה ולמעשים טובים

    When’s the kiddush 😉

  11. Ron

    hey, I thought you can’t use your cell phone in the hospital. Get rid of it , turn it off – live in the moment for a moment. 😉

  12. Hawaii SEO

    Mazal Tov! & Congratulations!

    Have you chosen a name?
    When researching your daughters name, did you factor in the domain name availability and other factors that might help her rank highly in the search engines for her name? (Just kidding)


  13. Eric Ward

    Awesome!! There’s this thing, it’s called “deep sleep”. Say goodbye to deep sleep. It will be 18 years before you have it again. I’ve got 16 to go.


  14. corina

    Next photo should be of you looking at your baby and not the photo you just took of her to send via phone, LOL

  15. Helen

    Congratulations! Kids are a lot of work punctuated by moments of sheer terror, but they are worth every second… enjoy.

  16. Michael Toledano

    Congratulations. An exalted sensation having the first kid.
    Wishing all the best…

  17. lovekills_s

    Hey Barry, Many congrats! It’s a terrific feeling becoming a dad! enjoy the moment and looking forward to more of them hehehe..!

  18. Rena

    Mazal Tov to you and your wife. I must say that you look like a pro already! Enjoy Fatherhood.

  19. Tim Dineen

    Awesome, congrats to all!

    First couple days are a whirlwind but it gets more fun each day.

    Hope your settled in at home by now. Enjoy.

  20. marjorie

    wow congratulations….well i just got into this site, and was only testing..anyway congratulations

  21. Simone Icough


    I follow you on twitter and search engine roundtable, wanted to contratulate you on your new addition to the fmaily, hope mother, father and child are well.

    All the best

    Simone Icough

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