Newspaper BoxesLast week, I gave you all a preview of our Swine Flu app and didn’t expect much from it.

We built it, because there were tons of desktop and browser based mashups to get information on the Swine Flu. So we thought it would be both useful and cool to create a location-aware version for the iPhone. So we did.

I then blogged about it and decided to tip off TechCrunch about it. TechCrunch was kind enough to write about it minutes after I tipped them off. The title TC used was awesome: Want To Avoid Swine Flu? There’s An App For That Too.

After that, the news took on like wild fire – kinda like an epidemic (pun is intended). CNN covered it, Fox News, TG Daily, and so many more magazines and publications. The BBC actually did a phone interview with me, I assume to broadcast on BBC Radio or TV (we did it over Skype). Plus, I have almost 200 comments on the original blog post.

This was not through Digg or Reddit or Twitter, this was through mainstream media.

Honestly, I did not think it would cause so much discussion or press. I am a bit in awe and shock.

I really wanted more press for our iPhone apps and I guess we got it. But seriously, did not think it would come from this.

Update: Here is some (not even close to all) the press about the app:

Update: Here is the audio interview from the BBC’s Newshour on May 4th, 2009 the clip starts at 32:30 or so. Here is the trimmed down version, thanks to @syneryder:

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  1. Dape

    There seems to be so much information about swine flu, no wonder people are starting to get a bit worried. I often wonder where all these different strains of the virus originate from. There must be a reason why this happens we seem to accept that it is ‘just, a matter of fact that they are here. We should be asking the scientists what can we do with our environment and way of life that will prevent these new strains coming into existence.

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