Matthew Hull - RustyBrick?Tamar asked me if I hired a new guy named Matthew Hull recently. I said no, I have no idea who he is. Tamar then explained this guy came up for a search on rustybrick on Facebook. It showed that the term matched for his “Job” and Tamar wondered if we hired this guy, who was from Edinburgh.

The answer was no and I had no idea who he was. That didn’t stop me from immediately asking him to be my Facebook friend. 😉 And Tamar messaged him, asking him if he worked for us.

He replied and said he works at Taking a quick look at the site, it does look like this company does real physical home construction. We, the real, of course, does real construction, i.e. web construction.

I found it pretty funny that a construction company would use the name, RustyBrick. Maybe I can refer him all my leads for physical construction requests we get here, fairly often?

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