Improved Map Feature for iPhone Siddur

One thing we were able to improve on the Siddur due to the 3.0 iPhone software release was the map feature. We added a native Apple Google Map directly into the Siddur and plotted where some of our Siddur users are using it right at the moment that you are looking at the map. The


Setting YouTube Movies to Enable Revenue Sharing

YouTube began pushing their YouTube Partner Program to Google News publishers, which the Search Engine Roundtable is part of. So I signed up today and was approved. I then hooked up my AdSense account to it and then agreed to the terms of service, which was actually a hoot – the way they took you


Rackspace Doubles Twitter Followers With 45 Minute Outage

Last night, at about 4:30pm (EST), thousands of servers went offline due to Rackspace’s Dallas data center having a major power management issue. The issue is not 100% clear yet, you can read what Rackspace had to say at their blog. When my sites and servers went down, I first went to Rackspace to login

Daily Grind

Really Local Doctors

I am not a big fan of going to doctors. I am not a big fan of going anywhere but my office, to be honest. So when I need to go to doctors, I tend to like to go really local. By “really local” I mean, within the same office building as RustyBrick. In fact,


My Facebook URL Is /barryschwartz

For those that want to friend me on Facebook, so that I can annoy them with updates, you can now reach me at facebook.com/barryschwartz. I don’t use Facebook like a good Facebook citizen, I use it like a spammer. So I warn you. I don’t post useful pictures there. I don’t talk to friends on


YouTube Now Allowing 20GB Uploads?

When did YouTube begin allowing the upload of files over 1GB? I now see that I can upload up to 20GB in file size, up from the 1GB limit that was announced in September 2008. I cannot find any mentions of 20GB YouTube upload limits mentioned anywhere… Here is a screen capture of me breaking


Get Keynote Presentation Mode Working in GoToMeeting

I have been utilizing GoToMeeting pretty often these days. I had one major issue where I was unable to show my slideshows in presentation mode while using GoToMeeting and Apple Keynote. Whenever I flipped on presentation mode, the person on the other side would see black. After some trouble shooting with the GoToMeeting support team,


I Am Not In Jail, But I Got A Speeding Ticket

Last night, I left work a bit early cause I had a late night conference call and I wanted to be home a bit earlier so I can be ready for it. Oh boy – did I pay for leaving work at 5:30ish. On the way home, I got a pulled over by a cop


Preview of Mizrach Compass for iPhone Siddur

One of the features we always wanted on the iPhone Siddur, but could not bring to until the release of the iPhone 3GS was a Mizrach compass. Basically, Mizrach means east and that is the direction most Jews pray, depending on your current location. In America, you point eastward because that is the direction of


iPhone Safari’s Huge Issue With Hebrew Fonts

We were incredibly excited for the 3.0 iPhone software to come out, but it was a major let down for us. Yes, Apple now officially “support” Hebrew, but the Hebrew support is a joke. We wanted this update because many of our applications are Jewish focused. In fact, Hebrew rendered fasted on 2.x then it