WD-40Since I had my first kid a bit over two-weeks ago, I been noticing that some of the doors in my house have been squeaking.

The squeaking door is probably less of a problem and annoyance for my kid then it is for me thinking it is annoying my kid, but it the concern of it being an annoyance is an annoyance enough for me. Whoa, long sentence. Running on little sleep, so pardon those…

In any event, I stopped by the local Home Depot and picked up a can of WD-40. The new WD-40 cans have what they call the smart straw, so you don’t lose the straw. When using it, I felt, hey – that is smart.

In any event, a couple sprays and bingo, no more squeak.

Did that help the baby sleep better last night? I don’t think so.

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  1. jacob

    Now is when you really need it for the kid. When your two year old proudly shows you that all the walls in your house is one big canvas for his crayons, spray a bit of WD40 on it and it will rub off.

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