In my last Search in Pictures column, I showed off a Google Baby Hat, and then tweeted that I would love one of those for my baby. Well, Adam Lasnik of Google, sent over a Google onesie and baby blanket. I assume it is from the Google search quality and webmaster central team – so thank you all!

Adam, I know you tried to get the hat and I appreciate that. I am sure my wife and the baby will prefer the onesie and blanket over the hat. Here is a picture:

Google Baby Gift (onesie, Blanket, Letter)

Thanks so much!

There are many of you who actually sent me gifts. I didn’t blog about most of you, but trust me, thank you. I may blog about some of the other gifts, like the Chocolate Bassinet from Oh Nuts or Best of the Web onesie and some of the other wonderful gifts the search industry sent.

Thank you all so much!

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