One thing we were able to improve on the Siddur due to the 3.0 iPhone software release was the map feature. We added a native Apple Google Map directly into the Siddur and plotted where some of our Siddur users are using it right at the moment that you are looking at the map.

The main difference that you will notice is the speed of the map loading and the responsiveness of the zoom and panning through the maps.

Here are the new maps:

New Map Feature for iPhone Siddur

Zooming In:

New Map Feature for iPhone Siddur

What did the old version look like?

Siddur Users Mapped

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  1. Sam I Am Not

    Not if you have no idea where north is, but seeing a visual overhead of your location with a line makes things clear

  2. Sam I Am Not

    Why only on the 3GS? even if you did not know where north was, seeing an overhead of your location would easily allow you to see where the line was pointed.

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