We were incredibly excited for the 3.0 iPhone software to come out, but it was a major let down for us. Yes, Apple now officially “support” Hebrew, but the Hebrew support is a joke. We wanted this update because many of our applications are Jewish focused. In fact, Hebrew rendered fasted on 2.x then it does in 3.x. The vowels (aka Nekudot) are still off, and the speed is horrible.

We built an application that loads a page of Hebrew text in mobile Safari. I put two iPhone 3G devices next to each other, one running 2.x and the other running 3.x and you can see how much slower the 3.x is running. In fact, it is a full 7 seconds slower.

Just how crazy is that? I submitted this bug to Apple time and time again. The bug ID is 6869094 and you can also submit it at this page.

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  1. Dape

    You would think that this sort of technology would have been tested first, its quite amusing really, thanks for pointing this out.

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