After work last night, I come out of my office, walk to my car and notice that it would be impossible for me to get in via the driver side doors. I really got mad, really mad. What a lack of consideration and respect for others. I was actually thinking of jamming my door into this guys door over and over again, until his car moved. But I calmed myself and went to the other side of the car and climbed through the passenger side. Understand, my car is pretty small and I am not.

Here is a picture of this guys disrespectful and offensive parking job. And if you know who’s car this is, forward him the email. I am still mad about it.

Back View:
Really Bad Parker

Front View:
Really Bad Parker

Okay, I complained in 2006, 2007 and 2008, so I guess this makes my annual “you can’t park” post for 2009. But seriously, this is the worst parking job ever and the most disrespectful one! Yea, still mad.

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  1. Andrew

    I agree but also understand the challenges of going *anywhere* with a car full of kids. (noting the mini-van parked next to you)

  2. Barry Schwartz

    Andrew, too bad, park in a more open spot then!

    Netmeg, I was about to – but what good would that have done. I literally took the picture and then took another without his plate.

    Adrienne, I should.

  3. Dana

    Poor parking is my biggest car peeve now. I’m at the point where I want to diagram how to properly park on the street and pass it out to my neighbors so we can fit an extra car or two on the block.

    I’m also tempted to leave notes on people’s windshields when they do a particularly bad job.

  4. Dave

    Sometimes people park crooked, on or right next to the line to discourage people from parking next to them. It doesn’t work with me though.

    I’ll still park my car in the exact center of the free space, even if it leaves my car within inches of their car. I especially enjoy doing this when I can park right up against offending cars the driver’s side door. And… I especially enjoy doing this if the offending car is an expensive one.

    And yes… I have gotten several nasty notes, dents and even a milkshake dumped on my car for parking in the exact center of the free space. I couldn’t care less. It’s a used car with dings and bad paint already.

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