doctorI am not a big fan of going to doctors. I am not a big fan of going anywhere but my office, to be honest. So when I need to go to doctors, I tend to like to go really local.

By “really local” I mean, within the same office building as RustyBrick. In fact, my general doctor and my dentist (who I really need to see) are both in my office building. My dentist is on the same floor, just down the hall. My doctor is a floor up.

Why do I like really local doctors? Because they are better! No, I am kidding. In fact, I think one of them is actually not that great of a doctor.

I like them because I don’t have to sit and wait in a waiting room. Some of my old doctors, I had to sit for hours before seeing them. I don’t like the, sit and wait game.

These doctors (dentist) call me when they are ready. They say, the doctor is ready in a few minutes and that I should walk into their office. I then walk into the doctors office, bypass all the people waiting and go into the room to where I will be treated.

I always feel some guilt when I walk pass the people who have been waiting, but I go really local for that reason.

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  1. andrew

    those people sitting and waiting must hate you so much
    and which doctor is not so great share that with us too please so we dont use him.

  2. Ralph Jones

    Well I guess you are right to say that the local doctors are good in the sense of not having to wait for a long time there but on the other hand, I also prefer a little bit of quality so by being local if there is a better doctor available a block or two away, I would rather go to him.

  3. Adam Snider

    I understand that you like the convenience. I would love that, too. But, if you think one of them isn’t a very good doctor…if it was me, I’d switch doctors. It might be less convenient, but I’d prefer to have the best doctor I can find; I don’t want to take risks with my health just for the sake of convenience.

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