Father's Day - OnesieYesterday was my first Father’s Day as a father. I wanted to remember what I did on that day, so I figured I do a blog post that documents it.

(1) At 1am, I wrote a Father’s Day post at my search blog.
(2) Woke up relatively early for a Sunday.
(3) Went to Doctor to check if I am still sick
(4) Got an okay bill of health a couple hours later
(5) Went to work where I blogged more, did payroll, taxes, and misc work
(6) Got home at about noon and greeted family
(7) My baby got dressed in the onesie that I have a picture of above (nice wife)
(8) My baby gave me a Father’s Day card
(9) Went to my Dad to give him his BBQ grill for his Father’s Day
(10) Spent two hours building it
(11) Went to Babies R Us
(12) Back to my parents for a Father’s Day BBQ on his new grill
(13) Came home
(14) Had evening business conference call
(15) Went to sleep

That was my day, if I remember it correctly.

Overall, a nice first Father’s Day!

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  1. Dape

    Somewhere in this madness is a moral, maybe being a father will help you to live a more ordered life. By the way whereabouts are you in the world to get to see a Doctor on a Sunday?

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