When did YouTube begin allowing the upload of files over 1GB? I now see that I can upload up to 20GB in file size, up from the 1GB limit that was announced in September 2008. I cannot find any mentions of 20GB YouTube upload limits mentioned anywhere…

Here is a screen capture of me breaking the 1GB barrier:

YouTube 20GB File Size

Here is a picture of the “About Uploading” section that tells me the limit is now up to 20GB!

YouTube 20GB File Size

Do you see the same thing?

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Update: So I checked a different YouTube account and this shows only 2GB. Still up from the 1GB file size, but not the 20GB limit my main account has:

YouTube 2GB File Size Limit?

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  1. johny_hilfiger

    Yeap, it 2 GB limit in my account too…I think 20GB information there, was just an error. That`s imposibile! But still 10 minutes?! Why? :((

  2. cainpro

    No it’s right!. If you are a partner or have had your account before 2007 you get this. My account has this too and I love it

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