Pleather Shoes For Sad Jewish Days

Yesterday, I had an unavoidable meeting I had to attend in the afternoon. Yesterday was Tisha b’Av, a very sad day in Jewish history. Jewish people typically fast all day and act like they are in a state of mourning. So I often try not to schedule meetings on that day, but if you must,


Returned the Palm Pre (Captured on iPhone Video)

Since I took video of me buying the Palm Pre on my iPhone, I thought I take video of me returning the Palm Pre on my iPhone. I didn’t take video while driving this time, as per my wife’s advice. The video is pretty bad, cause I was in a huge rush. No more Pre

Motor Vehicle

My Day in Court: Too Local & Money Grab

A month ago, I got a speeding ticket, in fact, I tweeted a picture of the cop who gave me a speeding ticket (which was my claim to fame). Last night, was my day in court – well, kind of. As I said in my previous post, the officer told me to plead not guilty,

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Why I Dislike Google Custom Search On This Blog

I often use the search box on this site to find blog posts I have written in the past. I can honestly say, that at least 50% of the time, it doesn’t help me find what I am looking for. So I end up using a different search engine. It just happened again, so I


My Reebok Jets Slippers Ripped

My Sister and family bought me NY Jet Slippers for Chanukah this past year. They are really comfy slippers and I really do like them. The issue is, soon after I got them, they started to rip at the seam. I showed in the picture above, where it began ripping. The thread that kept the


Shabbat Shalom for Palm Pre by RustyBrick

As many of you know, I purchased a Palm Pre to test out some of our apps for porting them from iPhone Apps to Palm Pre Apps. We have finally submitted our first Pre app for review to the Palm team. I have no idea how long it would take to be approved. I can


Two Inches Too Long: Snap, Klick or Easy Lock Sukkah

To continue my Sukkah shopping experience, after having purchased and planned the Sukkah, I thought perfectly, I was two inches off. Why you ask? Well, I (we) didn’t account for the extra inch the vertical connecting bars add to the length of the sukkah. Here is a picture, as you can see, the vertical connecting


Still Breathing : Just Been Busy

Sorry I haven’t blogged anything in a couple days. I guess that is why it is nice this is a personal blog and not a professional blog. I think the three monitors is causing information overload and has slowed me down. 🙂 Nah, just have been busy. Got lots of cool stuff going on, hope


Now Running Three Monitors on MacBook Pro

I told you I would try getting multiple monitors running on my MacBook Pro… Today, the Kensignton Dual Monitor Adapter came and with the Mac beta driver, it actually worked. The monitor that the adapter is connected to is not as quick as the other monitors, but it is still quick in my opinion. I