Turd BabyIt is hard to top the Best (Worst) Bird Poop on Cars post (if you haven’t seen it, it is a must see).

But based on my baby pooping on three people (including myself) over the weekend, I thought I should do a baby version of this post.

The best/worst baby poop shots caught on film.

The issue is, only one of the images I found on Flickr allow embedding on blogs, so here is that one, the rest, I’ll add links to below.

Here the non-embeds that require a click: poop explosion, I pooped, poop-leg and poopsplosion.

Baby Poop

Poor Guy!

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  1. sunrayfr

    Seriously, what’s wrong with you? =)
    People tell me my poop-featuring jokes are ill but I guess I found my (poop) master. ; )

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