The other day, I described my Sukkah shopping plans. I wanted to let you know, last night, I placed an order for my first Sukkah. I put a lot of work into planning the Sukkah and emailing those plans to Sukkah vendors.

First, I wanted to tell you that I purchased the Klick Sukkah from Esrog Headquarters (what is an Esrog, see Wikipedia). Levy, who owns Esrog Headquarters was extremely patient with me and worked with me to get the perfect Sukkah for my needs. We went with a custom version of the Klick, so that I can have multiple entry ways, as well as maximize the square footage for my deck, and leave a portion open for the potential BBQ. I should also mention that Marty from was very helpful. In fact, it was between Levy’s Klick Sukkah and Marty’s Plastic Sukkah, the plastic one kind of looks like a Fisher Price playhouse.

Why did I go with the Klick?

(1) Easy to store
(2) Netted windows and doors (very buggy in my area)
(3) Was able to customize it for my needs
(4) Fabric walls feel more ‘Sukkos’ to me than plastic

But when it came down to it, I would not have been able to buy, what I believe is the perfect Sukkah without planning properly. I drew I diagram of my deck by hand, wrote the dimensions down and then copied it into Photoshop. I used photoshop to make a, to scale, digital version of the deck and where I want to place the Sukkah. I then was able to place lines on top of the deck, for where I wanted the Sukkah to see how it would fit and line up with the various entry ways. The diagram will also be vital in building the Sukkah each year, basically my blue print.

Here is a version of my diagram:

Sukkah Planning

Why did I use Photoshop? Well, I know Photoshop well enough to get this done right. I switched the settings to use millimeters (which represented inches in my case), instead of the default pixels. So one millimeter was an inch, in my case, which allowed me to draw things to scale. I then dropped shapes and lines on top of the deck to see how things would fit. I guess I could use CAD programs to do this, but I don’t know CAD. There are web versions, but I didn’t find any I liked with the detail I needed. So Photoshop took me about 20 minutes to set up and I used that as a template going forward.

All in all, I strongly recommend Levy at Esrog Headquarters and if you do buy anything online, just the affiliate URL (just signed up, didn’t know they offer it), so I get a commission to pay for the decorations.

Updates to my Sukkah adventure:

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  1. jacob maslow

    When you are ready to fight the bugs or get a grill, Rainbow Appliance will be happy to send you one.

    We have been selling a lot of weber grills due to the nice job your firm did with allowing our customers to post reviews.

    I hate mosquitos like anything. I use the mosquito deleto which we used to carry. It is much cheaper than the Mosquito Magnet we currently carry and in Staten Island, the lots are much smaller than your area so getting a more powerful unit might be a bit of overkill.

    The mosquito magnet is very effective in keeping those critters out of a 1.25 acre area. These bug killers are great for sukkos. Eating in a sukka with bugs all over the place is difficult.

    Netting does not help that much as the annoying pests can just come from the roof of the sukka, which is basically open.

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