We just posted version 4.1 of the iPhone Siddur which has many improvements, but the two most significant changes is a way to upgrade to the official Chabad (aka Nusach Ari) prayers from Kehot Publication Society and major speed improvements.

The Chabad Jewish sect has been waiting for this and we finally worked out a deal with the copyright owners of the Nusach Ari Siddur. Kehot Publication Society technically owns the rights to that Siddur, so we were not able to publish the full text until they gave us their approval. The deal is simple, we ask those who want to have the official Nusach Ari siddur to pay an additional $5 and it adds the official text to their iPhone Siddur. Of the $5, Apple takes 30% (like they do with all apps) and Kehot gets 70% – RustyBrick is not taking a dime extra for this, we are happy with 70% of the $10.

Let me show you how the upgrade process works (using Apple’s “In App Purchases” feature).

Go to the Nusach Ari text of the Siddur and notice the blue button at the top right that says “Upgrade.”

Kehot Upgrade Button

You are then taken to a screen that explains the price and details of the upgrade:

Kehot Upgrade Landing PAge

Click “Upgrade” and Apple asks you to confirm (your iTunes account will be charged):

Kehot Upgrade Are You Sure

Click “Buy” and then the transaction should go through and you will know you have been upgraded if you see the “upgrade” button turn into a “Kehot.com” button:

Kehot Web Site

That is how you upgrade.

The other changes are speed improvements, including downsizing the overall size of the application and speeding up the loading of the Siddur. The Siddur sometimes uses the Internet and when the Internet connection is slow, it slows down the Siddur. We finally made that part run in the background, which seriously improves load times throughout the application. It was a major issue this morning when AT&T had an outage and it took a minute or so for my Siddur to load (due to the time out we set).

Other improvements include:

  • Added Today Button to Luach
  • Added Favorite Tefilot Feature
  • Overall Speed Improvements & Downsized Application
  • Misc Changes to Edut Mizrach & Sefard
  • Bug Fix for Luach & Mizrach Orientation Alert
  • Updated Minyan Database

It can take a week or so for Apple to approve this update, so expect it to come out soon.

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