rockland county sealA month ago, I got a speeding ticket, in fact, I tweeted a picture of the cop who gave me a speeding ticket (which was my claim to fame). Last night, was my day in court – well, kind of.

As I said in my previous post, the officer told me to plead not guilty, so I did. When I got to the court house, which is a minute from my office, I got on line. There was initially confusion as to if we should sign in or stand on line. In any event, there were three individuals at a long table. We each went spoke to these individuals and arranged a “plea bargain” deal with them. One of those plea bargainers was a person I knew from the community (i.e. being too local).

My speeding ticket, which was a fine and 4 points on my license was reduced to a non-moving violation with no points and a $150 fine. I took it. To me, this means the court just wants your money and they don’t care much about the DMV’s point system.

In any event, I had to then go with my plea to the judge in the court room. We sat in the court room (probably fifty of us) and waited for the judge to call our names and ask us if we accept our plea and plead guilty to it. Keep in mind, you can plead not guilty and get a real court date. Most everyone took the plea deal and went on their way.

The court judge was actually a guy who lives around the corner from my parents home. He called my name and then looked up and saw it was me. He made a face and a “oh” expression but then read the plea bargain when I smirked back at him. I didn’t want him to feel awkward, but then again, this is a local court, and I am sure he knows many people who stand in front of him. Just felt a bit too local for me.

In any event, I took my plea, and paid by the county clerk’s desk. Wish they took AMEX, but MasterCard worked. They got their money, I didn’t get points – we are all happy.

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  1. andrew

    they dont care at all about the points they just want money and they have being doing this for so long already and that is why noone listens to the law

  2. Dape

    In a world that seems to be governed by money the law in western society seems to be watered down, diluted to such a degree that offenders like you get away with a fine. What would have happened if your reckless driving hurt someone would you be so smug then as to say that you know the judge he lives by parents, shame on you.

  3. Dape

    I really did not think you would publish my last comment as it was kinda of personal. I normally enjoy your articles in the way that you allow the outside world to look at your life. And it shows that you are not afraid of constructive criticism which is very rare nowadays in our switch off, throw away society. The other day as I was traveling on the M6 to my brothers home I was thinking about people who speed and break laws in general and a few seconds later I looked at the speed-o and realized I was breaking the law myself. After checking the speed I began to understand that speeding is so easy to do if your mind is not focused on the job. Regards David

  4. Barry Schwartz


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    I was not driving dangerously. I was going with traffic, not faster than traffic. I just happen to have been the last one in the line of cars, so the cop pulled me over.

    He very well knew that the road I was on should of had a higher speed limit. It is a speed trap to earn the govt money.

    I was honestly not driving dangerously.

  5. Ty

    I’m actually curious about how effective speeding tickets are at detering speeders from reoffending. We all speed whether a little or a lot but I think there are far better methods to help everyone think twice rather than handing out a $300 ticket. I guess I’m alluding to the cash grab as I bet these other methods don’t quite rake in the $$$ like a good ol’ fashioned ticket.
    There’s something about the method in which you’re caught too. I almost feel violated when a cop dressed in civilian clothes with his civilian car somewhere in the distance has to hide behind a sign or bush in order to get the job done. At the same time if they announced their presence it just wouldn’t have the same effect.

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