I just picked up my new Palm Pre at the local Sprint store. You are probably now all thinking… “What! Barry got a Pre? What about his Apple love? What about his iPhone obsession?” Yea, I still love my Apple stuff, especially the iPhone. I got the Pre to be able to test building and porting our iPhone Apps to the Palm Pre platform. Yes, we will be building many of our iPhone Apps for the Pre. In fact, if you want information on that, go to rustybrick.com/pre and sign up for email notifications (or keep watching this blog).

In any event, I took a video using my iPhone 3GS, of me driving to the Sprint store in the local mall and walking into the store and then walking out of the store with the Pre. I thought using my iPhone to take the video, would be somewhat funny.

Here are some Palm Pre unboxing pictures:

Palm Pre Box Palm Pre UnBoxing Palm Pre UnBoxing Palm Pre UnBoxing

Here are side by side shots of Palm Pre (on left) and iPhone 3GS (on right):

Palm Pre & iPhone Side by Side Palm Pre & iPhone Side by Side

Honestly, my first impressions about the hardware is that it feels cheap. The keyboard feels like it might snap off, the phone itself feels like cheap plastic. But I know people love the phone, hardware and especially the software. So we hope to port our apps, by popularity, to the Palm Pre.

Again, for more about our work on Palm Pre apps, go to rustybrick.com/pre and sign up for email notifications (or keep watching this blog).

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  1. SyneRyder

    Hey Barry, that’s the first iPhone 3GS video I’ve seen in widescreen… I thought it could only shoot 640×480? Did you do some upscaling on the video? Fun video, by the way!

  2. Officer Phil

    Hi there.

    This is Officer Phil McKracken from the Nyack Police Department.

    I just wanted to let you know that your video will be used in court as evidence in our case against you for driving while doing….well, just about everything you should not be doing while driving!

    See you in court!

  3. Michael Martin

    If you are going to betray the iPhone you might as well go to a more scalable and dynamic mobile platform of Android rather than perhaps one of the last gasps of Palm.

    ,Michael Martin

  4. wife

    Since you obviously don’t listen to me or your mother, maybe you will listen to Officer Phil!!! Shame on you is all I have to say.

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