NY Jet Slippers RippedMy Sister and family bought me NY Jet Slippers for Chanukah this past year. They are really comfy slippers and I really do like them.

The issue is, soon after I got them, they started to rip at the seam. I showed in the picture above, where it began ripping. The thread that kept the slipper bottom to the top, I guess ripped, and it is starting to come undone. I have been pushing off blogging about it, since I always forget to take a picture.

In any event, these seem like good quality Reebok slippers, so I am not sure why they ripped so fast. I guess I can buy a new pair, if I like them that much, or ask Reebok for a replacement. Again, that would require me to actually do something, other than blog – which is hard for me.

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