I told you I would try getting multiple monitors running on my MacBook Pro… Today, the Kensignton Dual Monitor Adapter came and with the Mac beta driver, it actually worked. The monitor that the adapter is connected to is not as quick as the other monitors, but it is still quick in my opinion. I am currently putting my email exclusively on that screen.

Here is my current set up:

My Three Monitor Set Up

Left screen is the one connected via the adapter, and it has my email. The middle screen has my browser, mostly. The right screen has TweetDeck now. It comes in handy to always have these three applications open, including AIM. The monitor on the left is not the new one in the previous picture, that one didn’t work with the adapter, simply because the software does not support the wide screen resolution. So I switched with an RBer here and gave them the new monitor, for now.

Moving from a single screen to multiple, does take some time getting use to, but I will get there. So far, I am enjoying it more…

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  1. Shimon

    Hey Barry,

    Why wouldn’t you use an express-card solution instead of USB? As I remember you have a regular MacBook which still has express card slot built in right? I thought this option is much faster…
    Something like belkin F5U273 for example?


  2. Jaimie Sirovich

    @Barry —

    We’ve been using the Displaylink boxes for awhile. They’re only a little laggy, but fine for web page refreshes and Excel, etc.

    @Shimon —

    DisplayLink is USB-only AFAIK. I have no idea what the bus is for that Belkin device, but the Displaylink chipset runs on USB.

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