My Israel School (Yeshiva) Closed This Year : Economy

It is customary for Jewish boys and girls in some communities to spend a year learning in Israel prior to attending college or university. I personally had the privilege to experience a year in Israel, as did many of my friends. I recently learned that the place I spent most of that year learning, Ner


Motion Sensing Lights & Jewish Law

Gizmodo ran a story named Orthodox Jewish Couple Sues Over Motion-Sensing Light on Sunday. It has been driving some buzz in the social space. I actually mentioned the Jewish issue with motion sensing lights in March 2008 when I wrote about buying dark sensing lights for my home. In short, an observant Jew technically cannot


Wishing I Had Multiple Monitors For MacBook Pro

Update: On July 22, 2009, my wish came true and I am Running Three Monitors on MacBook Pro… For a long time, I wish I had multiple monitors. Thing is, I have a MacBook Pro and like Danny, I wish I had a good way to get dual+ monitors working with my MacBook Pro. In


Buying a Sukkah & Planning

The other day, I described my Sukkah shopping plans. I wanted to let you know, last night, I placed an order for my first Sukkah. I put a lot of work into planning the Sukkah and emailing those plans to Sukkah vendors. First, I wanted to tell you that I purchased the Klick Sukkah from


Custom Video Openers for Search Videos & iPhone App Demos

As many of you know, I have been very actively using videos for both my weekly search videos and to demonstrate our iPhone apps. So we decided to invest a bit in making the openers and closers to these videos a bit more snazzy. Here they are, let me know what you think… iPhone App


Push Email – A Bad Idea?

There is a ton of people that really enjoy “push” email. There are tons of people wishing that Gmail would support push email on the iPhone. I am not one of those people, at least in some cases, let me explain. I do use “push” to sync my contacts and calendars with the web, computer


Sukkah Shopping

So I have been in the new house almost two years now, and this Sukkot, I hope to finally build my own sukkuah. What is a Sukkah? See over here. What I did was measure my deck, which is typically where people would put their sukkah, if they have a deck. I had my wife


My Ambient Orb Is Dying

I first purchased my ambient orb back in February 2005, yea over 4 years ago (1600+ days ago). It is a geek thing, where I paid the small monthly fee to transmit data to it, so that I can see on a weird level, what our employees are doing. In short, I sent a message


Booked Three Flights via Continental Saturday Night

This Saturday night, I booked three flights on Continental. The prices seemed right, so I booked them all. I should have booked via Orbitz, but I had travel certificates due to my last flight booking gamble, which paid for two of the three flights. So I believe I had to book on to use