My New Palm Pre: Videos Taken with iPhone 3GS

I just picked up my new Palm Pre at the local Sprint store. You are probably now all thinking… “What! Barry got a Pre? What about his Apple love? What about his iPhone obsession?” Yea, I still love my Apple stuff, especially the iPhone. I got the Pre to be able to test building and

Motor Vehicle

Scheduled a Car Maintenance Appointment Online

I hate talking to people and using the phone, so I am glad I was able to schedule my car maintenance check completely online, without having to talk to a single person. I went to my local Lexus place’s web site and clicked on the “schedule” appointment feature. I set up my appointment online in


My Lots Are A Mess

Talk about a vague blog post title, “my lots are a mess.” Well, that is the case. When I moved to my new home in October 2007, I discovered I had four property lots. One main property lot and the other three were like less than .1 of an acre each. Normally, I wouldn’t care,

Just Funny

Best (Worst) Baby Poop Shots

It is hard to top the Best (Worst) Bird Poop on Cars post (if you haven’t seen it, it is a must see). But based on my baby pooping on three people (including myself) over the weekend, I thought I should do a baby version of this post. The best/worst baby poop shots caught on


iPhone Siddur Version 4.0 HD Demo

Today, we released an update for the iPhone Siddur, which Apple has to approve. The changes include: Added Mizrach Compass (iPhone 3GS Only) Added Luach Calendar Subscriptions & Alerts Revised Luach Event Management Revised Map Feature using Native Apple Maps Setting to Turn Off Nekudot in Siddur (for speed) Setting for Turning Off Sleep Mode

Just Interesting

Very Cool Google News T-Shirt

Inbal from the Google News team sent me a cool new Google News t-shirt today. The Google News T-Shirt has a robot reading a newspaper and says, “Google News (delivered by robots).” Here is a picture: Why did I get it? Well, because I help out here and there at the Google News Forum as

Just Interesting

Got My Country Codes of the World Poster

I recently got myself the Country Codes of the World poster. In my opinion, this is a must have for any internet company, be it SEO, internet dev/design shop, marketing, etc. Must have. Hope to hang it up in our conference room soon. Thanks Byte Level Research!


Video Ads Showing On My YouTube Videos

Yesterday, I enabled revenue sharing on my YouTube videos within the YouTube ad network. Today, those videos are now displaying both video ad overlays and ads above my text description. Here are screen shots: My very popular iPhone Popcorn Trick: A relevant ad in my last weekly search video: I guess I can potentially now