Non Leather Shoes on Tisha b'AvYesterday, I had an unavoidable meeting I had to attend in the afternoon. Yesterday was Tisha b’Av, a very sad day in Jewish history. Jewish people typically fast all day and act like they are in a state of mourning. So I often try not to schedule meetings on that day, but if you must, it is best to do it after the second half of the day, which was 1:02pm.

So I schedule a meeting with a client at 1:00pm, which we really didn’t start until 1:10 or so. The thing is, besides for fasting and not feeling so great, I was not able to wear leather shoes. Why not? Well, it is a state of mourning not to wear leather, including leather shoes. Typically, when you go to synagogue on these days (Tisha b’Av & Yom Kippur) you see people wearing slippers or canvas shoes.

I couldn’t wear slippers to this meeting, so I purchased pleather (plastic leather) shoes from Payless. Here is the product, I think I ordered. As you can see, they look like they are leather, but they are really plastic. They are way cheaper, but even more important, they are legal for these types of days.

So I looked pretty normal at the meeting. Actually, at the end of the meeting, we were all standing up talking and I looked down at everyone’s shoes. My pleather shoes looked a billion times nicer than any of the other shoes there.

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  1. wife

    Your welcome for running out in the pouring rain to buy you these pleather shoes!!!

  2. andrew

    pleather is for those 2 holidays we get that why u wearing them this weekend to synagogue not a holiday that i know of i dont get that
    wife can u help me answer that
    when he puts his feet together they make the plastic sound
    FIGURED wife should know this too ( get u for the M&M’s and the shoes at the same time)

  3. Naftali

    You are funny dude. I guess these shoes will serve you many years to come since you are going to use them only two days a year.

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