I finally purchased a new keyboard, so my typing is a bit sloppy right now, until I get the hang of the new one. I was always reluctant to get a new keyboard because of the slight learning curve, but I know I will pick it up within a day or so. My old keyboard was at least five years old. Since I only buy laptops, my computers never come with keyboards, so I used a hand me down from a desktop my brother likely purchased several years ago. It was a solid keyboard, but it was pretty nasty. It was old, the keys began to stick and it was filled with my mess, including hair from pulling out my hair at work.

Here is a picture of the old one:

Old Apple Keyboard

Ready for a close up?

Hair In Old Apple Keyboard

I guess you weren’t… Hair, food, who knows what. And yes, I do use the air cans to clean it, but it doesn’t always get everything out, as you can see.

My new keyboard replaces both the armrest and the keyboard itself. It uses the same software as my awesome MC revolutions mouse, which literally saves me an hour a day. The keys I have on the mouse and keyboard make things slightly faster for me and since I use them all day, the minutes saved adds up quickly.

I purchased the diNovo Keyboard Mac Edition instead of the more expensive diNovo Edge, Mac Edition because I wanted the full size keypad. A rechargeable battery would have been nice, like the MX has, but I am told this keyboard works for 3 years if you turn it off at the end of the day. This one is also 2.4 GHz wireless and not Bluetooth wireless, which is fine with me, in fact, I did not need the wireless at all.

So far, so good with this keyboard. I like how the typing feels, it will just take some time to learn all the keys and configure the extras exactly how I like them. It also looks pretty, here is a picture of it on my desk:

New Logitech diNovo Keyboard

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  1. andrew

    we didnt have to see the pics of ur hair on the computer
    and also i am betting plenty of food is in there also

  2. Jerry Nordstrom

    Barry… Oh my, I was not ready for that.

    You may need to re-brand:

    Hairy Barry Blog
    Cartoon Hairy
    HorseHair Brick
    7 tips on Knuckle hair grooming

    Seriously, you may want to consider making charitable contributions to wig makers. Just send in your keyboard each year.


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