Since I took video of me buying the Palm Pre on my iPhone, I thought I take video of me returning the Palm Pre on my iPhone.

I didn’t take video while driving this time, as per my wife’s advice. The video is pretty bad, cause I was in a huge rush.

No more Pre for me. The keyboard actually was damaged from extremely little use, in less than thirty-days. The phone hardware is JUNK, the software is neat, but coding for it is advanced JavaScript and not fun.

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  1. SEO Egghead


    Was it really so bad? I’m still on PalmOS (I recall you used to use PalmOS when I was over there as well).

    I’m not a fan of no-keyboard, and that’s always been the deal-breaker for me+iPhone.

    Pre has a keyboard. Even if it gets damaged ….

    So what’s so bad?

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